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Importance of Scopes of Work in Real Estate Investment Property Rehabs

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Do you use a scope of work for all your real estate investment property rehabs?

That’s what Ashley Kehr on the Bigger Pockets Rookie Podcast episode 135 recommends you do whenever you have a contractor coming in to do a rehab or renovation or any other type of work on your property.

There are two specific ways she recommends real estate investors utilize Scope of Works to ensure that you as an investor and the contractor are on the same page when rehabbing a property.

First, she recommends using a video walkthrough that outlines all the pieces of work that need to be completed on a property. Her friend Chris Lawrence uses this where he walks through the property that needs rehab and, on the video, mentions what needs to be fixed, changed, or done within each room.

Additionally, Ashley recommends having a Scope of Work document located within each room of the property that is being rehabbed outlining the items that need to be done within that specific room. This eliminates any questions on whether a subcontractor working in that room has received the scope of work and knows what needs to be done.

Both of these ways will:

  1. Help you as an investor bring clarity to what work needs to be done on a property;
  2. Eliminate questions and frustrations later on about what needed to be done on the property;
  3. Ensure that any costs associated with the work are outlined initially and are included in any contractor’s estimates.

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