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What Your Most Important Next Step?

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So you might know what your goals are, and you might even know the process to get there. But do you know what you should be doing right now in the process to accomplish your goal?

Brandon Turner covers this topic in the Bigger Pockets Podcast Episode 345 and dives into what he has done to take his goals and make them into reality. In this episode, Brandon talks about how he and his wife have a goal-setting retreat once a year, similar to what I talked about in this blog post about The One Thing

But the central nugget I got out of this episode was the importance of knowing where you’re going and, more importantly, defining the immediate next step you’ll take to get there. These next steps don’t need to be significant. In fact, they shouldn’t be big. Instead, they should be clearly defined and easily accomplished. 

Now what this will do is will help you in three ways. First, it gets you moving forward. Second, it gets you out of any analysis paralysis that might keep you stuck. And three, it gives you actions that will build off each other until you accomplish your goal.

The key with all this is once you finish your next step, you need to set your following action. You have to set up a routine and make sure you keep doing it and repeating what you need to get done each day. Eventually, you will look back and realize that you have achieved your larger goal by accomplishing each of these next steps day by day!

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